Early signs that I should've been an engineer.
How I took a VCR, a Hi-8 Camcorder, and a Playstation 1 and made a video with a soundtrack.

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My Greatest Life Hack

Like most teenagers in the early 2000s I was really into skateboarding. My crew was the best at our high-school and would skate hours a day. The ultimate goal was, get good enough that someone will pay you to skate. Thus, my first "sponsor me video".

In the early 2000s technology was no where near where it is now and my family didn't have the money to get the top of the line technology. What we did have was an HP computer, Hi-8 camcorder, A VCR and a Playstaion. I know what you're thinking, why not just hook the Hi-8 to the computer? That's because it was possible. Hi-8 was not digital, the most you could do is hook it up to a tv to watch your video, oh so I thought at first.

The Hack

What I needed was a video that was quality enough that the places I sent it to took it seriously and had only the tricks I landed on video and were shot at a good angle. I came up with the idea, I'll hook the camera up to the video in port on the VCR and that'll get me video feeding through the VCR and if I take the audio cable from the playstation and place that on the audio in port on the VCR I can get audio from the playstation (soundtrack: Outkast - BOB) and by connecting the VCR out to the tv I could see what was feeding through the VCR. What this means is I'd be editing video and audio on the fly.

So I started. First thing I did was I went on my computer and created a power point presentation. This presentation was the opening and closing credits. I placed a box and a towel over the computer monitor so get complete darkness around it and recorded the slide show. That was the easy part, I quickly relaized that the time for the CD to play on the playstation and the time for the camera to start play back and VCR to start recording after I hit record were not the same. What I had to do was press play on the playstaion count 1 mississippi then press record. This allow the audio to be in perfect sync when played back.

The End Result

I was editing the video on the fly by pressing play on the camera and record on the VCR at the same time. Given the technology at the time this video turned out awesome. The audio was seamless, the video was a little choppy in parts but overall not bad.

Oh, and I didn't get the sponsorship.